Meet our team of Master Astrologers, Authors and Editors
    ROCHELLE GORDON — Master Astrologer, Tarot Expert, Author, and

Rochelle brings more than 30 years experience as a leading expert in the sciences of astrology, tarot, acrophonology (alphabet/zodiac correspondences), and clairvoyance to her role as Editor-in-Chief of LOVE SIGNS & YOU. The author of several best-selling books, including Body Talk and Personal Power Is In Your Name, and a former editor of Body, Mind Spirit magazine, Rochelle is an influential voice both in the field of popular astrology as well as the study of the mind/body connection. She was also editor of Astro Signs Digest, Horoscope Guide, and Astro Signs magazines and has contributed articles to Cosmopolitan, Dell Horoscope, National Astrology, and American Astrology.
    SKYE ALEXANDER — Award-winning Author, Astrologer, and Authority on Magick and Wicca
A highly respected astrologer, author, and advisor for over 20 years, Skye has published several books, including the classic Planets in Signs and the award-winning astrological mystery Hidden Agenda. She is a frequent contributor to the Llewellyn annual Sun Signs and Moon Signs books and has written articles for Better Homes and Gardens, Dell Horoscope, and Magical Blend magazines. Skye is also a well-known authority on Wicca and frequently speaks on magick and witchcraft at New Age conferences, workshops, and events. She recently appeared in a television programme on magick for the Discovery Channel, filmed at Stonehenge.
    FRANK ANDREWS — The "Rolls Royce" of Psychics
World-renowned astrologer, tarot expert, lecturer, consultant, and columnist, Frank Andrews has advised so many famous people for so long that he is a celebrity in his own right. He has appeared on national TV shows, including Good Morning America, The Phil Donahue Show and Fox News, and has been featured on PBS. He wrote the Sunday “Tarot to Go” column for The New York Post as well as a column for Elegant Bride magazine. He has been profiled by dozens of magazines including Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Redbook and Harper’s Bazaar. New York magazine named him “Best Psychic in New York.”
    FRANK DON — Celebrity Psychic to the Stars
As a professional astrologer for 30 years, Frank Don has a worldwide clientele including Academy Award, Tony Award and Emmy Award winners, sports figures, corporate executives and government officials. Frank is also an international lecturer, consultant, and author of Earth Changes Ahead, Color Magic, and Color Your World. He has accurately forecasted weather and changing earth patterns and economic conditions for the Los Angeles Weekly and The New York Times Magazine. Frank is also very civic-minded and ran for the US Congress as an independent candidate.
    WENDY C. HAWKS — The Astrologer's Astrologer
Wendy has been a nationally published astrologer and consultant for over twenty-three years. She is the author of numerous popular horoscope booklets and three Mini-Mags, two including An Astro Guide to Healing Herbs and Get Rich for the New Millennium. Her book The Nuts and Bolts of Running an Astrology Practice is one of the American Federation of Astrologers’ most in-demand titles. Wendy is perhaps best known for correctly predicting O.J. Simpson’s acquittal in a National Examiner column in 1994, nearly a year before the trial ended.
    JEAN MARS — The Modern-Day Nostradamus
A lifelong student of the prophecies of Nostradamus, Swiss astrologer and numerologist Jean Mars was for many years the resident astrologer for the French magazine Ici Paris and for Europe’s Radio Monte Carlo. He has been a member of the American Mentalists Association for forty-five years and the American
Federation of Astrologers for over twenty-five years. Jean is also a well-known figure on the international conference circuit, where he has given readings and telepathy demonstrations for many years. His One Man Mental Show is especially renowned as a “must-see” event!
    SOPHIE MASON — The Psychic Detective the Police Consult
A Master Astrologer, Sophia’s passion for astrology spans over thirty years. She is a two-time winner of the American Federation of Astrologers’ Best Astrologer, Lecturer and Teacher awards and specializes in “astrological detective” work and card divination. She lectures at astrology conferences throughout the US and is the author of several books, including Playing Your Cards Right: Finding Your Destiny in Playing Cards and Sexuality, an In-depth Astrological Study of Sexual Compatibility.
  NADIA STIEGLITZ — Editorial Director
Editorial Director for the Pasteur Publishing Group, Nadia Stieglitz, a French native, has been the creative force behind many publishing successes such as Your Birthday Signs Through Time, Supermarket Remedies, OmniForce, Feng Shui Solutions, and Your Spirit Animal Helpers. Prior to joining the Pasteur Publishing Group, Nadia utilized her creative talents in advertising and marketing in Paris. An experienced Feng Shui practitioner, Nadia lives with her husband and three children in London.
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