The 5 Simple Steps to
Uncover Every Secret About Your Love Life
Your Decade (pdf 103kb)
1. Discover the Highlights of your Decade
From the dawning of a new age of decadence that characterized the Roaring 20’s — an era that gave the first taste of liberty to a whole generation of women who shocked the establishment with their rising hemlines, shingled hair, jazz palaces and “Black Bottom” dance crazes — to the “millennium madness” that ushered in the birth of the 21st Century, LOVE SIGNS & YOU reveals all the captivating highlights of the cultural, economic and sexual mores of the decade you were born in!
Your Birth Year (pdf 62kb)
2. Find out about the events of your Birth Year
Find out what - and who - was making headlines the year you were born. Who were that year’s hot couples and sex idols? What movies and music stirred the times? What scandals were shocking your parents? And what new discoveries and innovations were paving the way for the future? Find out about all the fascinating people and events that were shaping the world you came into on your Birth Year Events Page.
Your Zodiac Sign (pdf 49kb)
3. Read about your Zodiac Sign
Uncover all the truths – both good and bad – about every aspect of your Zodiac sign. Find out just how, why, and in what way, your ruling sign secretly influences your romantic and sexual nature. Interpreted by one of our seven Master Astrologers, your Zodiac Reading will reveal just how the astrological forces that were at work on your date of birth played a unique role in shaping your love life.
Your Romantic Compatibility (pdf 82kb)

Your Sexual Compatibility (pdf 58kb)

Your Romantic Side (pdf 73kb)

Your Sex Drive (pdf 57kb)

Your Relationship Karma (pdf 71kb)

Your Celebrity Twins (85kb)
4. Uncover the secrets of your Love Planets
Is your relationship with your partner hot… or not? How compatible are you… and what areas of potential conflict do you need to watch out for? Do you and your partner have a past life connection? Unveil your Love Planets located to the side of your Zodiac Sign Reading, turn to the pages indicated, and discover all the answers to these burning questions and more. Once you find out what your Venus, Mars and Saturn really mean, and what effect they have on your Romantic Nature and Sex Drive, you’ll have the key to uncovering you and your partner’s Romantic and Sexual Compatibility, as well as your Relationship Karma. Then read the Celebrity Twins section to determine which Love, Sex and Karma signs you share with famous people.
Hot topic (pdf 50kb)
5. Explore the hottest topics of the twentieth century
To crown each scintillating year, our Master Astrologers reveal a number of provocative astrological insights into the secret romantic natures and sexual prowess of the hottest celebs of that decade. Read the sometimes shocking (but always riveting) inside details on some of the most spectacular as well as the most poignant and heartfelt love stories of all time. Also gain an insight into the hottest cultural and sexual trends that both inspired and shaped the generations!
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