The 5 Simple Steps to Uncover Every Secret About Your Love Life  

The Most Revealing Look at Romantic Astrology Ever Published

Interpreted by seven leading psychic astrologers, LOVE SIGNS & YOU provides all the tools you need to uncover the cosmic secrets of compatibility and to discover your true romantic and sexual nature. Compelling and entertaining, this comprehensive volume offers powerful personal insights and valuable advice on love, passion, and relationships including:

Which signs are ideal for you, and how you can attract the partner of your dreams

How the astrological forces of your planets of Love, Sex, and Karma influence what you are compelled to seek, need and desire in your relationships

What ignites the flames of romance and passion between you and your partner

What past life connections drew you and your mate together

Which celebrities share your astrological makeup
With zodiac profiles for every year from 1920-2002, LOVE SIGNS & YOU explores the astrological influence on love, sex, and romance throughout the twentieth century. Combining planetary insight with historical events, this endlessly fascinating volume explores the changing nature of how people have related and mated over the last nine decades. From bathtub gin parties in the twenties to online dating in the nineties, this fact and photo-filled volume is sure to provide you with an inside look at some of the greatest romances and sexual scandals of the twentieth century.

is the definitive astrological book of love, sex, and relationships, an extraordinary compendium that will help you unlock the power of your love relationships.
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