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What people are saying about Love Signs & You

"I have to say that I came across this book completely by accident. I originally picked it up because I was curious about the cover and the title, but once I read my birthday reading as well as my husband’s, I was hooked. I bought it, thinking that it would be an entertaining book to go through with my friends and sisters. And since then it has become a real enjoyment with my girlfriends. Now whenever we get together for our birthday celebrations, we bring it along to read about the birthday girl and her spouse. Interestingly enough, it provides a whole new level of conversation, as its astrological insights always spark stories. It’s a real highlight at these birthday celebrations. I think it’s a wonderful book."

B Niemeyer, North Carolina

"From the moment I met my boyfriend I had the feeling I already knew him – too well perhaps. It was like we were two pieces of a puzzle that almost fit together, but could not quite make it. When I read about my relationship karma in Love Signs And You I finally understood why I felt that way. Learning about our past life ties has made all the different in the world to our relationship. Thank you so much."

Nora Ackerman, Hastings, NY

"I recently signed up for an on-line dating service, and it's been great for my ego since a lot of guys have been contacting me, yet it's been very overwhelming too. Then I noticed that most people usually have their birthdays and Zodiac signs on their dating profiles, that's when I started relying on Love Signs & You to help weed out the guys that wouldn't be a match for me, and zero in on the guys that would be. And so far, Love Signs has not steered me wrong!"

B. H., Brooklyn, NY

"I have always been fascinated with astrology and always read my friends and fiancée's horoscopes. This book is the perfect reference guide to check on all of my friends love lives as well as my own. Another thing I really love
about LOVE SIGNS AND YOU is all the information they provide about the years and what happened during that time. I really enjoy reading about the celebrity couples as well. This book is amazing!"

Melissa Dill, New Platz, NY

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